Maintaining cognitive health is essential to the overall wellbeing of everyone. At Malek Medical Center, we understand the unique ways that women’s and men’s health differ, and strive to address your individual needs from that perspective. Many neurological conditions are brought about by age, but there are still many more that are a result of injury, illness, or medications, to name a few. Unfortunately, conventional medicine generally “treats” cognitive and neurological conditions with medication, ignoring the underlying cause completely. While medication can certainly be a benefit, it is not always the best option and sometimes only functions as a bandage covering up the problem underneath.

Women are especially prone to cognitive and neurological conditions brought about by fluctuations in hormones. Depression and anxiety are more common in women than in men, and childbirth can also bring about dramatic swings in hormones that lead to postpartum depression in some. Additionally, even conditions that are generally found in similar numbers between men and women are experienced differently by each. We believe it is crucial to understand these differences and treat them accordingly.