At Malek Medical Center we proudly provide suture and suture removal services to our patients. Whether you have sustained an injury or have received sutures after a surgery, we can help safely assess the healing of your wound throughout your recovery, and when necessary, remove sutures.

There are two types of sutures: absorbable and non-absorbable. Only non-absorbable sutures will need to be removed, as absorbable sutures will dissolve or break down on their own. While suture removal is a fairly quick and simple procedure, you should never attempt to remove your own sutures. Our highly skilled staff will ensure that your suture removal is as painless and efficient as possible to avoid any possible infection.

Following your suture removal, you will want to properly care for the treatment area to avoid any potential infection to the site. Be sure to keep the wound covered with the adhesive strips we will place after suture removal for at least 5 days or until they naturally fall off. Always keep your wound clean and dry, and avoid exposing the area to direct sunlight. Your wound will be fragile after suture removal, so handle the area with care.

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